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All About Charlie

Charlie Tyierra Savage

Charlie T. Savage is a Navy Veteran, New Orleans native and Founder of Charlie Bit Me Joints, where she passionately creates and develops thrilling and hilariously unique visual literature, shining a distinctive spotlight on the rich tapestry of the black female experience.

Charlie's dynamic career has seen her serving as the Executive Producer and co-creator "URIEL," in collaboration with her co-founding partner of Nikky Productions. Charlie led the cast and crew as the Executive Producer of "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED," a compelling play centered around a thirty-something black woman on her healing journey, unraveling unconventional relationships and family secrets. Renowned for her outstanding collaborative work, Charlie's most notable creation produced by Brooke B Productions resulted in the spine-tingling audio thriller, "THE NIGHT I ALMOST DIED." This gripping piece follows a Black Louisiana woman as she uncovers the chilling presence of a notorious serial killer.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Charlie shines as the Producer of the quarterly professional sit-down, "THE P.I.O.V.T PANEL." This insightful platform features esteemed guests, including luminaries like Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years) and Rocky Carroll (NCIS), providing a space for thought-provoking discussions and valuable insights on "working while working." Charlie's talents also extend to the world of voice acting, where her exceptional contributions earned her the title of "Best Supporting Actress" for her outstanding performance in "WHAT GOES AROUND."

 Charlie's achievements include being among 33 Showrunners selected for the 2023 Collective 5 Entertainment's Mentorship Academy, dedicated to promoting diversity in the entertainment industry. She most recently has been recognized as a 2023 finalist for the LA Times "Business 2 Business Leadership Awards" and The 2023 Universal Women Network's "Woman of Inspiration Award" in Toronto, Can. 

Charlie's journey is punctuated by her participation in the Writer's Guild Foundation Veterans Project, recognition as a finalist in the Prince William Little Theatre's Original Works Festival, and being named a Top 10 Finalist in Ms. Veteran America. With a postgraduate degree in Management and a strong undergraduate background in Journalism and Mass Communications, Charlie embodies both creative brilliance and intellectual prowess. She is also a devoted mother to two lively sons a fur baby and currently resides in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Charlie T. Savage
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