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A Writer’s Affair: I Left My MacBook for My iPad

Oh, hello there! Surprise! It turns out I'm a writer – who knew, right? The best part of being a creative soul, dabbling in screenwriting and novel writing, is that I can conjure up entire worlds in my mind at any given moment of the day. But, alas, here comes the worst part – I can create those wondrous realms in my head and then completely forget to jot them down.

Yup, I'm part of the infamous "I can't remember anything" millennial club. Us creatives, we find ourselves forgetting crucial details of potentially brilliant masterpieces, and to top it off, we can't even locate our old scribbles when inspiration strikes. Talk about frustrating! And just imagine the agony when I finally attempt to preserve that stroke of genius, only to discover I accidentally chucked the Post-It away – a true tragedy.

So, I was on a quest to find the perfect solution that blended my thirst for modern convenience, portability, and simplicity, all while combatting my occasional memory lapses. Let's just say I found myself between a rock and... umm... I can't remember the rest – see, there it goes again!

About a year ago, I sat at my desk, tapping my forehead like a maniac, desperately trying to retrieve an Emmy-worthy idea I'd brilliantly conceived while on a trip. You'd think being in my 30s, I'd know myself better by now, right? But no, I keep having these spurts of inspiration and have to frantically type them out. However, I refuse to lug my MacBook around on vacations – that's just not happening!

Now, you might suggest using my phone, but let me tell you, it's way too distracting. Not to mention the limited screen space, and those tiny virtual keys are not exactly my cup of tea – more like my cup of frustration.

Enter my savior – the iPad Pro, the big boy with its 12.9-inch screen, costing me a good $1099. At first, I felt a pang of guilt for betraying my faithful MacBook, a companion since the 5th grade. So, I kept it around for a month, just in case. But lo and behold, after a solid year of this digital fling, I have fallen head over heels for my new iPad, and sadly, my Mac has become a mere paperweight.

Of course, like any transition, going from laptop to tablet had its ups and downs. So, here's my personal list of pros and cons from the past 12 months of switching from an old-school laptop user to a hip Apple iPad-toting creative. Buckle up, it's been a wild ride!

Size Does Matter

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but I'm here in Los Angeles, perfectly content with my trusty iPad Pro's 12.9-inch screen. Sure, larger laptop screens may seem more comfortable, but I'm all about that portability, especially since I love to travel and navigate the bustling streets of LA. So, I opt for compact options, allowing me to be a light traveler.

The best part? My iPad weighs in at a mere 2 to 3lbs, a noticeable difference from the 5lbs of a MacBook. That's a win for my back and shoulders during those long journeys! To make my travel even smoother, I invested in the lightweight and durable Magic Keyboard Case for my iPad, setting me back $299, but it's totally worth it. This way, I can leave the external wireless and mouse at home, whether I'm on vacation or business trips.

But let's be real, the one downside to the size is not having the luxury of using external devices like USBs without purchasing a somewhat pricey external connector. Ah, the life of a writer! However, with most of my documents stored in Google Docs, I managed to splurge $50 on a fancy ESR 8-in-1 Portable Stand Hub. This little gem allows me to connect my external monitor, microphone, and microSD cards all in one compact device, without creating a tangled mess of wires on my desk – one of my top pet peeves sorted!

So, while everything may be bigger in the Lone Star State, I'm perfectly happy with my compact and versatile setup here in LA, ready to take on any adventure or writing challenge that comes my way!

This Is One Fancy Design

Just like size, the design of my iPad Pro allows me to effortlessly carry my writing career in my trusty backpack. Its sleek and simple motif boasts a touch screen interface, leaving the MacBook in the dust when it comes to innovation. With a touchscreen, I can bid farewell to the constant need for an external keyboard or mouse while I'm on the move. Of course, for home use, I did splurge on the wireless Apple Magic Mouse 2 for $129 and the Logitech MX Keys for Mac Bluetooth keyboard at $119, but hey, they make my writing sessions a breeze.

Now, you might be thinking, "But what about typing? Writers do that a lot!" Fear not, my fellow wordsmiths, for I found a nifty solution. I invested $129 in the Apple Pencil, which magically turned a potential con into a pro. Remember those random Post-Its? Now I can shorthand with ease using my trusty pencil. While I haven't personally purchased the $45 Paperlike screen protector, it's on my shopping list. I've heard it gives that satisfying paper feel, satisfying the cravings of us paper-loving writers.

The iPad is the epitome of modern convenience. Charging my wireless stylus is a breeze – just attach it to the magnetic connector on the side of my iPad, and voilà! Genius design choice, if you ask me. The fewer cords for charging, the better. Trust me, I detest wires with a passion, so this feature is an absolute lifesaver.

With my iPad Pro in tow, I'm all set to conquer the writing world wherever I go, with ease, style, and a touch of magic. Who knew a tablet could be the ultimate companion for a wordsmith like me?

WiFi and Cellular Options

Having an iPad as my computer opens up a world of convenience since I can opt for a cellular data plan from my wireless provider. No more relying on sketchy coffee shop or train station Wi-Fi – hallelujah!

And guess what? The pricing isn't too shabby either, just around $12 a month, totaling $144 a year. With this nifty cellular data plan, I can make calls from my iPad, and having a stable internet connection is a godsend, especially during those important Zoom meetings.

Of course, there's a flip side to the always-connected convenience. Being constantly online and sharing applications – but we'll talk more about apps later – can be just as distracting as having my phone glued to my hand. To stay focused, I've personally disabled notifications for apps like iMessage and Mail on my iPad. This way, I still have access to them, but those pesky pop-ups won't steal my attention. It's all about finding that perfect balance between connectivity and productivity.

Those Annoying Applications

When it comes to my iPad's performance, it's a bittersweet experience – I find myself smiling through the tears. Believe me, it's not the prettiest sight! Both iPads and MacBooks run the iOS applications I frequently use, and the seamless handshakes between these apps bring me joy. I love the familiarity and the privilege of having all my devices work together. It's a real luxury to copy something on my phone and have it instantly available to be pasted on my iPad – an underutilized convenience, if you ask me!

However, not everything is smooth sailing when it comes to application functionality. I could make a list of random Apple Store buys I've downloaded that didn't work as expected, but most of them I could live without. Sometimes, I just stuck with utilizing them on their intended device.

But here comes the major headache for me as a writer – the one absolutely necessary industry-standard application for success: FinalDraft! The MacBook version works perfectly, but on my iPad, it's been nothing short of a nightmare. FinalDraft is a popular screenwriting software used in film, TV, and theater industries, but its mobile version for the iPad is, well, awful – and I really mean it! The organization behind FinalDraft should be ashamed of the lackluster mobile version and issue an apology for not taking action to fix it sooner.

Sure, I understand that the iPad's iOS operating system wasn't designed to support the full version of the software, but this app has some really annoying hangups – especially the lack of a beat board feature for iPad users. It's frustrating that several desktop version functions are missing, and while it's not a huge problem if I fix it on my MacBook, it defeats the purpose of transitioning to the iPad. To be fair, the app was only $10 in the Apple Store, which is a mere 5% of the $200 full version cost, so I guess I can't complain too much about the price.

I decided to make the best of this subpar app and used FinalDraft for a few weeks, expecting my productivity to suffer. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the experience. The lack of distracting bells and whistles forced me to focus solely on the task at hand – writing. Don't get me wrong, the app still needs a lot of fixes, but FinalDraft for iPad is functional enough to get the job done. There's room for improvement, but for now, it serves its purpose!

Wait, How Much Did You Spend Exactly?

If you've been keeping tabs on my transition, you'll know that it has cost me a pretty penny! But the big question is, was it worth it? When tallying up the expenses for my new "computer" and all the fancy accessories, I've spent approximately $1995, including the cool case skin I grabbed from Etsy. Now, let's put that into perspective compared to the MacBook Pro lineup: the 13" starts at $1299, the 14" at $1999, and the whopping 16" at a staggering $2499. When it comes to price, I've definitely come out ahead with my iPad Pro choice.

As a writer in the technologically advanced environment of LA, I made a bold decision to bring the iPad Pro into the limelight. And boy, has it lived up to my expectations, meeting all my needs as a writer. So, if you're feeling cornered and need a game-changer, I give the iPad Pro a solid thumbs up.

Of course, it's essential to consider your own personal needs when it comes to battery life, storage, app compatibility, and other peripherals that matter to you. But here's an added perk to ponder: with an iPad, you get the best of both worlds – a tablet and a laptop rolled into one. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the MacBook.

In conclusion, when making the leap, take a good look at your unique requirements, but remember that the iPad Pro can be the ultimate versatile companion for your creative journey!

Are you ready to make the leap? Happy Creating!

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