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The Day I Was Almost Killed

I was only twenty-five. It was a Friday night in July. I remember it being so hot outside that I had to open all the windows to get a little breeze to circulate through the house.

I hadn’t gone to work that day. I texted my boss to tell him I was not coming in. I hated that job. I can’t remember the excuse I gave but I’m sure it was something ridiculously dramatic like I might have Ebola just to let him know how much I dreaded being his employee. I just had other things to do instead of sitting behind a desk.

I was never into the club scene like most people my age. I was more of a scary movie marathon on the weekend kind of girl. I had seen every thriller dating back to the 70s at least three times and I loved them all! But I could watch them once more. Which is the reason I invited one of the three friends I had over for a fright fest. Iyana was already on her way with the sweet and sour chicken and shrimp fried rice when I finally picked up my phone to see her text.

As I sipped a glass of red wine, I strolled down my Facebook timeline. Most of the people I knew were posting their pregames for the night or some silly post about how they are happy the weekend was here. As I strolled further, I saw it.

Possible serial killer on loose; Louisiana police link 3 murders and 1 missing

I clicked on the article to get more details on what new clues they may have found. My friend and I had been following the story from the beginning. Three different girls had been discovered tied up and dead over the last month with no possible suspects and no witnesses. One girl was currently missing who fit the profile of the others. Even more, all of the girls were close to my age. I wondered if the police really were doing their jobs in finding the killer.

As I thought to myself, I hear a sound. It was coming from the hall closet. I hardly used the storage space so no clothes or boxes were there to fall. I creeped over to twist the handle. My hallway had never seemed so dark. My wine was still sitting tightly in my right hand when I took the other to twist the knob. Slowly, I began to turn it to open the door.


Before I could open the closet, Iyana had popped up behind me. I jumped so quickly in fear, I dropped my wine on the hardwood causing red liquid and glass to go flying.

“What the hell, Iyana! You don’t know how to knock?” I bent over and started picking up the larger pieces of my shattered glass.

Iyana, who mirrored me in height and build, stood there starring, “I would knock if your door was closed. There’s a serial killer out here and you just leaving your door unlocked!” She grinned at me with fake concern.

As I finally got the last big piece, I stood to go to the trash can in the kitchen.

“I’m not scared of no serial killer,” I dropped the broken pieces in the garbage. “What I’m scared of is getting glass in my foot because of you!”

She glanced down to the mess near her feet, “Fine. I’ll clean it up. Where’s your towels? Here?” She looked at the closet door.

“No! They’re in the bathroom!”

She rolled her eyes and walked off to get the cleaning supplies.

After Iyana finished correcting the mess she caused, we sat on the couch to enjoy the takeout she had brought.

I grabbed the remote and turned on my favorite scary movie: Freddy vs. Jason. Both Iyana and I had watched that movie a thousand times but still with each and every viewing it was like a brand new experience.

“You know, if they would just team up and work together they would get a lot more shit accomplished,” I looked over to my friend and said right before taking the last bite of my egg roll.

She laughed “I know right! Two killers like them together would be unstoppable.”

Just then we heard a sound. This time coming from outside in the backyard.

“What was that?” I jumped up. It went silent. All we could hear was a slight blowing of the wind through the window. Then…


I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my gun. Living alone I had to be able to protect myself. When I went back, Iyana was holding a butcher’s knife she had pulled from the kitchen as she stood by the back door. We took a look at each other and then in a deep breath. I flipped on the porch light and peeled out the blinds. I saw nothing. Iyana twisted the door knob. The old door creaked as it was opened. She took a step outside. Nothing and no one was there. She noticed one of my plotted plants my grandma had forced on me had fallen over.

“It was just that ugly ass plant that fell. I told you to get rid…”

Another pot fell over. We screamed. But than out popped the cause of our fear. The cat from next door, Snowball, who was ironically all black.

I looked at my friend, “I hate that damn cat!”

We walked back inside feeling a lot better then before. I put my gun back on safe and placed it on the glass coffee table.

Iyana sat next to me, “Next time, shoot it.” We both laughed.

“I’m not going down for cat murder,” I looked to her, “I don’t wanna be on the news at all. I’m kind of scared. Do you think they got something on the serial killer they aren’t telling anyone?”

“I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t think they have anything. Don’t worry, though. As long as we are together we are safe,” she grabbed my hand to comfort me. “But let’s not think about dead girls tonight. We still got scary movies to watch! What’s next? Scream?”

I started our next movie. As much as I wanted to watch Sid get chased up the stairs by the ghost faced killer, I couldn’t focus on anything outside of the news report I had seen earlier. Something was wrong and I could feel it. I was getting an eerie feeling thinking about the missing girl and how her family may feel knowing she was gone.

Just as the thoughts floated through my mind, I heard it again. A sound coming from the same closet. Iyana was too into the movie to notice anything. I stared down my hall and towards the door.

“Should I open it?”

I could feel my heart pounding. If I do open it I may see something I don’t want to. I was scaring myself. Nothing was wrong. It was my imagination running away with me. I made myself focus on the film instead of the possibilities lurking in the closet. I now wish I would have listened to that inner voice. I put the crazy thoughts to the back of my head to finish the film.

Soon, both of us were knocked out on the sofa. The wine had gotten to us. Not to mention the heat always made me a little groggy. It was a comfortable sleep as my couch was always cozy.

Until, I heard the sound again. But this time it was different. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I ignored it. Then it got louder. I rolled over to see if Iyana had gotten up for her normal middle of the night pee. She was indeed gone. I could even see the light coming from underneath the bathroom door across the room. A bit of relief came over me. It was just her making all that noise. I closed my eyes again.

Then the floorboards creeped

This time, the sounds were coming from behind me. I slowly opened my eyelids. That’s when I noticed my missing gun from the coffee table. I tried to remain calm and pretend I was still asleep. I hoped whatever was going on behind me would just go away until I heard the scariest sound a women could ever hear...The sound of my gun being cocked behind my head. I quickly jumped from my resting spot to see what I had tried to ignore all night.

She had gotten a loose.

The missing girl from the news report was standing over me aiming my own gun at me. Her face bloody from the beating I had given her earlier, the rope was still dangling from her arm, and another piece wrapped around her left leg. I could see the streams the tears had made on her face. The black bandana that once gagged her mouth was gone. This was it. She was about to kill me and for good reason.

Before she could end my life, she walked to stand in front of me. She demanded answers.

“Why?!” The five foot five girl screamed at me, “what kind of person would do this? Why!”

I shrugged my shoulders before answering her, “it looked fun in the movies.”

The missing girl pulled the trigger but nothing. She tried again. Still nothing.

“I think the safety is on.”

The girl’s eyes grew big right before turning to see Iyana standing behind her. Iyana was holding the same large knife from earlier. She lifted the blade high in the air before racing it towards the chest of the missing girl. The girl fell to her knees before taking her last breath and hitting the floor.

“Damn it!” Iyana grabbed the sides of her head, “How many times do I have to tell you not to bring the girls home?! Kill them out there and leave them out there! You told me she was gone! How can we keep doing this if you don’t finish the jobs! You’re going to get us caught or killed!” This was only the second girl of the four I had brought to my home but Iyana had indeed warmed me. All I could say was…

“I’m sorry.”

I learned a valuable lesson the day I was almost killed. A few of them actually. But the most important one was next time put a lock on the hall closet.

**DISCLAIMER: The story you just read is fictional and for entertainment purposes only**


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