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Film Slate Marker

Screenwriter & Executive Producer


creates and develops dope thrilling and hilarious visual literature that places a unique spotlight on the black female experience.


“The P.I.V.O.T Panel”

at Theater 68

A professional panel that gives space to talk about learning and working while working!

Geronica Lee Moffett, the panel moderator, will delve into thought-provoking questions to encourage our panelists to share their experiences of pursuing professional development while actively working.

It's completely FREE!

“The Night I Almost Died”

Script Out Loud Audio

Brooke B Productions 

When 25-year-old London discovers that a notorious serial killer is terrorizing her city, her once-peaceful night transforms into a heart-pounding nightmare reminiscent of the horror films she adores. The erie audio drama was created and written by Charlie T. Savage and produced by Brooke B Productions.

“all things considered.”

Skiptown Playhouse

Executive Producer

On her healing journey, a thirty-something black woman navigates the complexities of an unconventional relationship. All while she’s discovering that the people most instrumental in her upbringing are the very ones responsible for the trauma she’s trying to heal from. 

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