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Charlie T. Savage


Nikky Productions 

1-Hour Drama Series

Creator and Executive Producer

A mortician with a peculiar skin condition that sends people into anaphylactic shock searches for ways to overcome her loneliness. Written by Norma Diana Station. 

More on this project and the proof of concept recorded at HartBeat Studio can be found at



1-Hour Dramatic Comedy Series

Creator and Writer

 When an aspiring chef returns home to comfort her recently widowed grandmother, she stumbles across her family’s murderous secret past that reveal the two generations may not be as different as she thought.

“The Copy

Thriller - Full Feature

Creator and Writer

A New Orleans detective trying to manage her withdrawn personality, outside of lustful encounters with the city’s Jessabelles, starts a quest to solve a sequence of Déjà Vu crimes plaguing the Big Easy that may lead her to the resolution of her father's cold case murder.

“Lower 9”

1-Hour Drama Series

Creator & Writer

Four women from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, tired of living in their desperate circumstances, make the decision to start on an unlikely path to not only survive but claim the royal throne at the top of the male-driven drug empire. 


Thriller Limited -Series

Creator & Writer

Collide is a twisted 10-episode anthology series set in the same fictional universe exploring the dark sides of the black female experiences and what happens when their past smashes into society’s future. 


Pilot - “OnlyFans+”

Ep2 - “The Night I Almost Died”

Ep3 - “Mink Lashes & Frontals”

Ep4 - “All Hail the BBL”

Ep5 - “The Wall Shadows”

Ep6 - “Gel and Acrylic”

Ep7 - “Then Quit”

Ep8 - “A Small Pay Cut”

Ep9 - “Light Skinned vs. Dark Skinned”

Ep10 - “But I Love Him”

If you are looking for my resume and portfolio, click below. 

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